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A little about PAWright Pet Services...
PAWright Pet Services was created simply because we Love Animals. We have cared for over 100 pets between the two of us, including dogs, cats, birds (chickens, Parrots, and other exotics), lizards, ferrets, snakes, even a skunk and at least one squirrel.  Laura has worked with the Chattanooga Nature Center, The Knoxville Zoo, and a couple of vets.  Erik can handle a bite or two...  He grew up on a farm with a multitude of animals. 

All of our contracted staff have a verified history of working with animals of a wide variety.  They are very much animal lovers and are dedicated to their care!

We understand each pet is unique and must be cared for and loved in a way that is special to them.  It is important for us to get to know your pet so we can provide the quality one-on-one care your pet deserves.  

Laura and Erik have obtained their pet first aid and CPR certifications for pet emergency care.  For more about pet first aid and CPR certifications please click on the certification badge below.

How do I start?

To start off we ask to have an initial FREE meet and greet with you and your pet(s) at your home. This is so your pet(s) can become familiar with us prior to us coming into your home without your presence.  We will complete an extensive Pet Profile so we know everything about your pet(s)...likes, dislikes, favorite toy, favorite treat, commands you use, bed time, what is "ok" and what is not "ok" behavior, signs of happiness or stress, and more.  We want you to know this up front so that you clearly understand how seriously we take ensuring your satisfaction with our service.

PAWright Pet Services Mission:
"Give love, care, and respect for pets while earning people's trust when they need us".
We would love to know you were here!  Please sign our guest book.

For Your Security and Safety...

At PAWright Pet Services we understand the need for you to know your home and pet(s) safety and security are protected while you are not there.  We strive to do everything possible to make sure that happens. We will work with you based on your needs for security. 
Our personal background checks are available upon request for ourselves as well as our staff.  Your information regarding you, your pet(s) and home will always be protected and never shared.  We thoroughly investigate all of our staff contractors with background checks and references.  

All of our staff are insured and bonded through PAWright Pet Services, LLC.  The privacy and security of your home and pet(s) are our top priority and responsibility.

PAWright Pet Services is an insured and bonded Limited Liability Company.  We have been certified by Pet Sitters International, and take pet care very seriously.  Detailed information and references are available to you upon request.
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Laura and Erik Wright, Owners of PAWright Pet Services along with our CEO, Jose'
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Laura and Erik are certified pet sitters with Pet Sitters International! This certification covers caring various gambits of different types of pets.   We are both certified in pet first aid and CPR!

All of our sitters do have backgrounds with animal first aid and CPR.

For more about Pet Sitters International please click here:  
About our Sitters:  
Some of our sitters own their own sitting businesses. Those that do we offer their link to their business website for their bio information.

Amy Yacoubian:
Amy is currently a veterinary technician assisting various vets as she can.  Amy has considerable experience with animals.

Brooke Marsh:
Brooke is a former elementary School computer teacher. She and her husband have two teenagers, an adorable dog named Rugby and a cat named Cupcake. She enjoys being involved in her church, quilting, walking, the outdoors, travel and spending time with her family. She really enjoys all the animals she gets to meet while working with Pawright!

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